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The Company with the name NATESA ENGINEERS is a leading Designer and supplier of Complete Automatic steel Rolling Mill Plants, Rolling Processes, Mechanical Equipments and Machine Tools. As Anticipated the trend of the industry, we have developed products including rolling mill related equipment, such as High Speed Flying Shear, Quenching Boxes, Deform Bar Auto Bending Equipment, Auto Cutting Production System, etc

It is together with Natesa Engineers Tools Company as a large-scale group corporation of integrating manufacturing / processing with trading together. Although some of the material couldn’t be gotten for a while, however, we can organize the source as soon as possible in order to assure the supplying.
We’ve also received excellent feedbacks from customers. Other than supplying and selling products, we also provide solutions to our customers. Based on customers’ needs, we analyze and propose the best solutions to customers.

Natesa has made its mark by maintaining the highest standards for quality at competitive prices. Our goal is to build long-term relationship with customers. We strictly perform the quality control, and closely evaluate and analyze the performance of our products. We are committed to meeting or exceeding our costumers’ needs. We will also continue to strive to offer the best quality to keep up customer satisfaction.

We hope every organization and individual will use our service widely and contact us at any moment. We promise we will assure the manufacturing period and quality to satisfy you. Look forward to our cooperation.
According to users’ requirements, we will design and supply the fully automatic rolling production line and semi- automatic rolling production line with yearly capacity 10,000MT-500,000MT for the customers. We will also Design various full autoimmunization and semi autoimmunization production line.

Our main products are:
› TMT or Tor steel Rolling Mill Plants,
› Wire rod & Bar Rolling Mill Plants,
› Section Rolling Mill Plants,
› Tin strips Rolling Mill Plants,
› Pipe and Tube Rolling Mill Plants,
› Copper Rolling Mill Plants and
› Cold Rolling Mill Plants.

Mechanical Equipments are:
reducer, increasers, coupler, universal joint, Quenching Box Lines, Automatic cooling bed, flying shear, pusher, lifting platform, furnace delivery table etc. auxiliary equipments which are relative to production line, mechanical processing equipments mechanical equipments for spacious users from different countries.
In our scope of machine tools we supply Lathe Machine, Planner, Shaping Machine, Redial Drill Machine, bending machine, wire-drawing machine, grinding machine, milling machine, Welding Set

Our Company faces all the user friends from home and aboard. We will provide the customers with a series service of designing, processing, installation, debugging and trial production for the equipments. We hope we will go forward hand in hand with spacious user friend from home and aboard.

The tenet of our company is: honesty as the foundation, credit standing as rule, quality and quantity assured, development together.

We process top-ranking scientific researchers as well as experienced team of production, management, and marketing. On the basis of mutual benefit, this is to introduce our detailed profile to our company’s capability of undertaking for international friends and companies’ reference and choose.

Our company not only supply the equipment of the steel rolling mill plants, but also design it equip, the equipment, and supply under the order. We have only one mission that is make the consumer be satisfied.


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